The Very Grand Tetons

Traveling south from the west side of Glacier National Park, we took as many non-interstate highways as possible – mostly US 93, with a little jog east on I-90, before hooking up with various combinations of US 287/20/191. Beautiful big sky, big mountain Montana! We entered Yellowstone National Park from the west entrance and meandered… Continue reading The Very Grand Tetons

Going to the Sun in a Red Bus

Day two in Glacier and these flatland geezers were bushed and sore from day one’s hike. So we booked a tour on a Glacier Park open-topped Red Bus. It was an especially grand ride because our tour was on the first day this season that the pass over the Continental Divide was open. The Going-to-the-Sun… Continue reading Going to the Sun in a Red Bus

Loving the View from Apgar Lookout

On our first full day in Glacier National Park, of course we tackled a challenging hike. Apgar Lookout trail is the first trail within the West Glacier entrance to the Park. Traveling by car, you drive almost two and a half miles from the turnoff before reaching the trailhead. The trail itself starts deceptively easy… Continue reading Loving the View from Apgar Lookout

US Hwy 12 – Minnesota to Montana

Our two day auto sojourn westward on US Hwy 12 from Willmar, Minnesota, to Helena, Montana, was a delightful experience. The scenery was lovely and the two-lane roads were nearly empty of travelers save us and a few locals from time to time. There was even very little road construction – having remarked about that… Continue reading US Hwy 12 – Minnesota to Montana

Petrified in Lemmon

Lemmon, South Dakota, is the proud home of an extraordinary display of petrified wood. In the early 1900s, O.S. Quammen, an amateur geologist, discovered vast remains of prehistoric plant remains – grasses, trees and other flora, along with some dinosaur and other prehistoric fossils. Quammen managed to secure funding through the Works Progress Administration to… Continue reading Petrified in Lemmon

Little Tip for Driving at Night in Lake Country

Beautiful by day, northern Iowa and southern Minnesota lake country makes for not only beautiful but interesting driving just before sundown. Rolling hills, green, lush pastures, streams, marshes and lakes lit by the evening sun’s hues of pinks, purples and blues. We had just driven through a series of late afternoon and evening showers when… Continue reading Little Tip for Driving at Night in Lake Country