Mobridge Relics

In central South Dakota on US Hwy 12 and just a pinch below the border with North Dakota, the mighty and muddy Missouri River picks up steam as it arcs downward and eastward. At this location in 1906, a railroad bridge was built to span the river. The town that grew there with construction of the bridges was aptly named Mobridge. The bridge has been replaced with separate rail and auto bridges, and the river has been dammed to create Lake Oahe. Touring the town, now with a population of about 3500, you can still find some of the buildings from the early days, mixed in with modern stores, businesses and the ever-present casinos that dot just about every town in South Dakota. While not representative of the entire town, the old abandoned structures offer interesting still-life reflections of the past. One large brick industrial site may have once been part of the water-generated power plant. Most of the windows have been pock-marked or shattered by stones, the doors long since sealed and the paint well faded and flaking.

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DSC_0080 (1024x683)

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