Landon Nature Trail

Having been stuck at home for the better part of the six months while the pandemic swirls around us, we are always in search of safe, close by adventures. Biking, particularly on country roads and other sparsely populated areas, has become our primary adventure. For a little variety from the in-town trails, we took off… Continue reading Landon Nature Trail

Side Trip to Oz

On many trips via I-70 between north eastern Kansas and Colorado, we’ve passed billboards advertising the Oz Museum in Wamego, Kansas. Since our upcoming trip to Colorado had plenty of extra time built into the schedule for meandering, we decided to take a side trip to Oz. Wamego sits at the intersection of US Hwy… Continue reading Side Trip to Oz

Midwest Mardi Gras in the Making

Weekends from early-January until Fat Tuesday (this year on February 17th) the neighborhood comes alive with fun-filled band rehearsals for the annual very “outside the French Quarter” Mardi Gras parade in Lawrence, Kansas. New Orleans expats, now mid-westerners, Mike and Katie fill their house with friends and friends of friends to teach them traditional blues… Continue reading Midwest Mardi Gras in the Making